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dodecanese carols feat. tinos island carols

This year's Nefeli Walking Undercover Carol Cover.

Another one of my favourite christmas carol melodies, this time coming from Dodecanese islands in Greece.

Since I'm not that religious myself, I prefered to create a non-lyric vocal cover, the same way I did with Wexford Carols last year. However, while searching for the song's birth history, I came across the Tinos island new year's eve carols and decided to adjust some of its lyrics for my cover.

It says:

As for the emigrants / I have a lot to wish / Wherever they are / Wherever they sleep / A happy new year they shall have.

Even thought it originally refers to the greek emigration of the past, I felt that this is a wish I would love to deliver around the world, covering all religious and not religious aspects, focusing simply on today's reality and human beings of all nations.

The whole cover idea came to me today around 4 o'clock in the morning while I was trying to sleep and around 7, having finished the music recording, I found my self playing with torches and candles creating moving shadows of boats and trees and blurry feelings on the walls.

I fell to bed around 9am, totally exhausted and completely happy.

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