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February 28, 2018

Three flavors is an experimental short film/documentary by Kostas Mandilas trying to get to the inside world of a skater and what taste skateboarding gives you in every session. The sweet taste when you shredding, the bitter when the struggle is big and the inner war, and the hot flavor when you give that one last try when you have to stop trying, with metaphoric images that represent the inner self of a skater and the meaning of the start and the end of a session.

Original Soundtrack in collaboration with Quiescence (Nikos Tselios).

Anileon @ Adventure Film Festival 2017 | Athens College - Psychico College Theater (HAEF) | 21:10

November 18, 2017

*** Nefeli Walking Undercover track "August - The Land And The Sky" from 2015 album "12" is being featured in "Anileon" short film. ***


Greece is a popular country to go and visit but isn't usually linked to rad snowboard trips. This group of Greek riders decided to leave home and go on an awesome RV adventure through the mountainous mainland of Greece. ΛNILEON is a short film from a ten day RV trip exploring the beautiful landscapes of Northern Greece through snowboarding.


Captured February 2017 in 3-5 Pigadia, Chriso Elafi, Vasilitsa, Lake Prespa and Pisoderi


Cameras: Kostas Mandilas, Dimitris Maniatis

Editing: Dimitris Maniatis

Color: Namazu Films

Produced by Saboteur Mag

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